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CLICK on the PRINT NOW button above to use the card immediately at your local pharmacy. With this card there are no deductibles or fees, no forms to complete and everyone qualifies (this card covers your entire household) and card can be used over and over. Note: to get the best discount on your medications please click on the "Prescription Prices" link near the top of this page and put in your medication and zip code — prices vary from pharmacy to pharmacy.

CLICK on the MAIL NOW button above and fill out the form to have permanent cards mailed to your home or office at No Cost. Please specify which cards you need like Pet, Spanish, or Drug Card. You can ask for some of each card to share with friends, family and neighbors. Note: For large quantities of drug cards please call the phone number above to speak to our Community Outreach Program Director with any other questions that you may have. Allow 5-7 Business Days to revice your cards.


It comes as a surprise to pet owners to find out that they can fill many of their veterinarian medication at a local pharmacy. While some drugs are for veterinarian use only, many are the exact same drugs used in human medicine, or close equivalents. The price difference between the human and veterinary medications can be substantial.
Example: " I paid $72 for a veterinarian pain medication that, when I refilled it at my local pharmacy only cost me $9 Great Savings - Thank you! " C. O'Neal, PA.

INSTRUCTIONS: How does the National Pet Drug Card work?

All you need to do is ask the veterinarian for a written prescription and take it to the pharmacy along with the Pet Drug Card. It is important to ask the veterinarian for the written prescription (before you check out) while you are in the consultation room with him/her and your pet. This will let the vet know that you prefer to have a written prescription that you can take to the pharmacy rather than have him/her fill the prescription at their office.

Please Not
Not every pharmacy is equipped to provide every animal medicine. Please check with your pharmacy to see if they can provide the medications you require for your animals. Pet drug card can also be use with live stock animals and other pets.
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