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TOPIC: HELP getting proper medical care after almost 11 yrs

HELP getting proper medical care after almost 11 yrs 16 Mar 2015 18:37 #1304

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Hello,........ If I made someone lay in a bed, have no life, and did all to prevent them from getting proper medical care. I would be put in prison... But they can set up the rules n red tape to do exactly this to me, and nothing happens to them...............Does anyone know how to beat the red tape an help me actually get some real medical help and real treatments? Almost 11 years now. Since May of 2004... I Wrote my Senator Grassley about this. He tried helping to get my comp case closed. But Workers comp did not supply proper information to NuQuest who does the medicare set aside evaluations to protect government/medicare from having to pay for my future medical needs. So now in limbo again.............. The last hearing to fix something was over 1 year. When I called Medicare to tell them of this giant mistake. They said they have nothing to do with this. Call my comp lawyer to fix it. But due to the red tape. utilization review boars/Boards........... Dr's and nurses not filling out forms properly and MORE.. I can not get any proper medical treatments............... I have Medicare, could get on my wives ins for about 190 month, tried buying obama care, who all told the the same things.. Since I am an injured worker, I have to go through workers comp insurance ONLY... Medicare has NOW said they will cover the costs if I get a DENIAL for medical treatments........ Now I can not get a proper DENIAL from workers comp to be able to use Medicare.......... I have called EVERY WHERE trying to pay CASH.. No one will accept me to pay cash because I am an injured worker.... Craig Hospital in Denver. first said yes. THEN NO...... Univ Or Iowa pain management clinic. Said YES.( I emailed, called, recorded everything not believing I really could finally do this).. I went to the appointment about last Aug.. After the 600 or so evaluation.. I was told NO again, because I am an injured worker. I HAVE to go through workers comp.SORRY I had been informed WRONG in calling and writing them before going............. I am completely BLOCKED from getting any proper care.. Catch 22 every where.. red tape saying more mistakes were done with paper work...... My first offer through the CSM/CMS which did not include a lot of things/medical needs I need in the future....... Medicare set aside account............ It has radio frequency ablation.( like my agreed medical exam, an independent medical exams. n other specialist said I need this in the future..........CSM/CMS report said-- But only 1 of these RFA's, for the next 25 years.. They submitted I need this ONLY Once for the next 25 years... An I need two sides done.. Unbelievable.... Doesn't even make common sense.... They know and set aside money for a trial of a spinal cord stimulator.. pain nerve blocks.. etc.. I have urology problems from complications from bad nerve damage... not included in the report... for future medical care............My Mri aug 25th, 2011 showed Arachnoiditis. Plus I have RSD/CRPS in my lower legs an feet crippling up my feet and legs.Getting worse every year because these problems are not being addressed..... So my conditions are very very painful... 2 past treatments yrs ago I did get authorization to do.. Helped me.. A lot..5 years agoo.... But the treatment of RFA wears off in about 9 or 10 months.. (The radio Frequency is the ONLY thing they have authorized).. The last time both my right n left hips were done was in 2010...... Workers comp in 2013 decided to not pay a medical bill. This put me into debt collections. Blocked our whole family from being able to go to this hospital system... The hearing to get them to pay the bill, took over a year.. If I made someone lay in a bed, have no life, and did all to prevent them from getting proper medical care. I would be put in prison... But they can set up the rules n red tape to do exactly this to me, and nothing happens to them.. This is now tearing my family apart with divorce now too.. Next I may end up in assisted living.. .. I was hurt in May of 2004, I could still walk until drop foot developed in both feet, in the spring of 2006.... Now use a electric wheel chair an try hobble on crutches........................ My neighbor who had an almost EXACT same back problem.. Neighbor had Medicare.. Was elderly in very bad health.. We went to the exact same surgeon.. She was fixed quickly and was back to LIFE in about 8 months.. The red tape , it took me 5 and 1/2 years to get surgery.. By then my legs had crippled up mostly parlayed.. That latest MRI before back surgery in Nov of 2009....showed my spinal canal had reduced to having only 2 millimeters of space left in my spinal canal.. Thus crushing my nerves .. This then required a complete decompression of all the bones in my lower lumbar.. an 8 inch scar.. Laminectomy on all the lumbar bones.? ... plus repair of two disc's that had been leaking this 5 n 1/2 yrs........ There is so much more I could add here.. But reality is, my neighbor with same type injury, same surgeon, but different insurances.. She has enjoyed life, While I am right now still trying to just get some proper medical care... The red tape is DESIGNED to create these problems of getting anything approved which costs money............ I have tried and done everything, Including the help from my Senator... How about that>>> Medicare representatives actually told me they HAD nothing to do with medicare set aside money to protect them from paying my bills in the future........ It did not matter I was trying to tell them the tax payers.. the system would end up paying for my future medical care.. or wives ins, or obama care....... Does anyone know how I can get through all this RED TAPE, just to get some help, proper medical care.. Like everyone I know and see going to the Dr.. The children even say.. Just use mommys insurance...Not understanding for so long, Why I can not get medical care........... I am told to just keep laying in my bed suffering.. Wait more, wait longer. isn't almost 11 years enough of waiting LONGER?? ..............Doesn't me actually going to Univ Or Iowa pain management for a visit, to actually pay cash for the medical help.. SAY I NEED HELP DEPERATELY??? How can this be happening in America??? Does anyone have any idea's I have missed, I can try?? So I can actually get real medical help and treatments, PLEASE, Thank You Terry
This was me soon before I was inured. My calf muscles now have wasting.. I still looked pretty much like this until Drop Foot developed in the spring of 2006. It hurt super bad and I could not go far. But at least I could still walk until the drop foot. The system has taken away my family and my life. Almost 11 YEARS of no proper medical treatment. An my neighbor Audrey was fixed in roughly 6 to 8 months.. Just different insurances.. Please does anyone know how to beat this so I can get some real medical help?? My health is going backwards so badly.. PLEASE?? Any Idea's.. You can see my calf muscles in this picture before injury. I had not even seen a Dr in probably 10 years before this injury.. I was super healthy and fit..

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