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Wednesday, 20 April 2011 08:17

Welcome | NAIDW

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Welcome To NAIDW!

Welcome and thank you for joining the National Association of Injured and Disabled Workers® | NAIDW. Our goal is to support our members by creating a safe place for you to ask questions, tell your story, access resources and get help. We hope you find our site informative, helpful and most of all fun.

Please take a look around the members area where you can:

  • create your profile
  • add or edit your profile pic
  • add your bio optional, add and except friend requests – All in account settings.
  • get great information in the forums and post your own topics
  • participate in lively discussions in the chat room
  • add friends and follow others
  • check for friend requests in notifications and account tab. Top corner of every page.
  • create and administer your own group
  • find businesses that offer a discount for our members

The main objective is for you to have fun and feel comfortable while interacting with others who are dealing with similar issues from injury, illness, pain or disability. We believe there is no better form of help than from others who’ve already experienced what you’re going through.

Hear are a few tips to help you get started on

Tell us a little more about yourself on your profile page. This is your public page. You can make changes to this page by editing your profile. To view or edit your profile, click the link above or log in and go to My Account > Profile > Edit. and Update your public profile.

Our chat room and support groups here at NAIDW are a great way to connect with other members in real time.
In order to make this experience as fun as possible for everyone, we have a few guidelines to remember.

Be sure to adjust your group email settings to your liking depending on how you want to be notified? This can be done two ways through you notifications in your account settings or on the groups page.

1. Introduce yourself.
2. Keep it clean. No foul language, discriminatory remarks or other disrespectful communication.
3. Respect privacy. Members may not want to divulge identifying information.
4. Use the “Enter Private Room” feature for privacy.
5. Have fun!
6. No Solicitation of members!
7.No promoting personal pages, blogs, or websites!

Any violation of the above is considered an immediate termination of membership!

Here at the NAIDW your privacy is very important. Please note that anything posted in forums or chat can be viewed by other members. All correspondence from NAIDW such as Email, private messages and phone calls to staff are strictly confidential. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or concerns so we can continually improve our service to you.

We are so glad you joined us. If you need any assistance as you get started, you can contact our Support Team.

Here are a couple of links that might help you.

Website FAQ –
Site Accessability –
Chatroom Tutorial –
NAIDW Forum –
NAIDW Support Groups –
Members Directory –
Member’s Lounge –
Volunteer –
Free NAIDW Discount Drug Card –

NAIDW is actively looking to fill spots within the foundation both for Executive Board positions as well as general volunteer HELP! If you are interested in helping please visit our volunteer page and fill out a brief form. Thank you.

Never hesitate to contact us directly… no issue is too big or to small…

Warmest Regards,


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  • Comment Link Kimber Carrisalez Sunday, 04 May 2014 19:23 posted by Kimber Carrisalez

    Paul it's sad to think that after all the years of paying taxes to then be treated so poorly. As for the Social Security you need to at least try the worst is they say no but if they do say "yes" it will be a GOD send.. Best of luck hope you get better physically, spiritually, every way.

  • Comment Link Paul Coburn Saturday, 26 October 2013 21:12 posted by Paul Coburn

    To new friends with answers…well at least one can only hope! I have had a couple of small heath issues over the last few years! Well not so much on the small scale, but one likes to humor ones self since it beat crying your eyes out!!!
    Get yourself a drink cause this might just take a lot more of your time than you might imagine! Actually I doubt they will let me post something so large but we will see! I took a five foot fall off a stepladder one day and landed…well…not well!!! I managed to break my pelvis/hip in four! About four weeks later they found that I had also broke two ribs in this accident! If you thought a broken rib was painful then imagine being in so much pain that you didn’t notice you had broken ribs!!! Anyway months went past and something was all wrong as far as I was concerned between my hip and pubic bone! After a YEAR they found that I had a nonunion and required surgery! Adding some metal and some screws to hold thinks together! And that is all it done…hold them together!!! Anyway nothing much got better and the surgeon said I had reached M.M.I. and would have a 4% permanent impairment rating. I was told that at best work wise I could only do light duties, restriction on just about everything are in place and I am not allowed to climb stepladders or ladders!!! Ooh…did I mention that I’m a master painter??? There goes any chance of working on what I have spent 30 years doing!!! Not that this much mattered, I mean have you ever tried to get a job after claiming workman’s compensation for over two years??? It’s impossible!!!
    Once I had reached the maximum two years of income related pay and that stopped I quickly realized that I’d not be able to eat in a couple of weeks let alone pay bills! So it didn’t take long before I had a heart attack and found myself on the operating table getting a couple of stints stuck in me to get my heart going again!!! This obviously they said was not related to my injuries and the bill is about $88,000.00 I also did have a fall inside my house during said time and that was also not accepted even though it had everything to do with my hip! That was way earlier and a couple of months after surgery that also cost a couple of thousand!
    Now comes the kicker, I’m a legal resident of the U.S.A. but not a citizen! I have been informed that I was not entitled to any benefits because of this! Does anyone on here know any different??? I have a serous dislike at even asking never mind looking for help! I have worked all my life but I have only lived here in Florida for 8 years! Due to the workman’s comp claim I’m finding it impossible to find work even at a grocery store!!! The let compensation I did get was used to repay friends and family and pay for doctors visits and drugs needed to keep me moving and breathing! Its running out fast and I fear that I have no choice now other than to move back to Scotland which is fine other than the weather will likely have me dead within a year anyway!!! Anyone with any advice on if I can claim social security or not it would be greatly appreciated! Paul.

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