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Canada: Memorial for More Than 1,000 Fallen Italian-Canadian Workers Unveiled in Toronto


Ban on Medical Marijuana Patients Growing Struck Down by Federal Court

A Federal Court judge has struck down federal regulations restricting the rights of medical marijuana patients to grow their own cannabis and given the Liberal government six months to come up with new rules.…

Ban on Medical Marijuana Patients Growing Struck Down by Federal Court 4 B.C. residents challenged legislation introduced by the previous Conservative government. A Federal Court judge has struck down federal regulations restricting the rights of medical…

Bringing awareness about injured workers and fighting for a just compensation system?

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List of Disabilities That Qualify for Disability Tax Credit Application

Great news! The Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation (MSDSI) introduced legislation today that will streamline the Persons with Disabilities Benefit (PWD) application process for people with disabilities in the following programs:

- Community Living BC (CLBC)
- The Ministry of Children and Family Development At Home
- BC PharmaCare Plan P – Palliative Care
- Canadian Pension Plan – Disability

People in those programs will no longer be required to complete the 28-page PWD application booklet, but will still need to meet eligibility criteria and apply for assistance.

DABC applauds MSDSI and the Province of BC for these positive changes.

DABC Executive Director Jane Dyson's comments in today's news release:

“This is great news. Today's announcement will simplify the process of accessing disability assistance for hundreds of people with disabilities and their families every year. We understand that people asked for this change during the Accessibility 2024 consultations and it's certainly something that we hear people asking about at Disability Alliance BC. This change, in addition to the annualized earning exemption and higher asset limits for PWD recipients introduced over the last year will all benefit British Columbians with disabilities.”

Surprising to me as Canada has more detailed information as to how many of their citizens are afflicted by Chronic pain than the US does. I do understand the limitations of Socialized Medicine, and in your case I'm sorry. But if you were to come to the states you'd find just as many doctors and hospitals that have no idea what to do with you and your Chronic Pain. We too have to fight for treatment, just to stay comfortable. Because bottom line they have no idea what the pain is we deal with, they don't believe the numbers on the McGill scale, and they immediately brand us a bunch of cry babies who just want to get heavy duty drugs. In less than an hour we go from a new patient to a major liability and they do their best to get us out the door and referred to someone else. All in all it just plain sucks!…

Today marks exactly 10 months since Dunphy was shot on Easter Sunday 2015, after answering his door in Mitchell’s Brook and finding a cop who wanted to talk about supposedly threatening tweets

Justice denied for Don Dunphy - Columnists - The Telegram It’s not official, but it is reasonable to surmise there will be no serious charges arising from the killing of Don Dunphy in his own………

Ontario Ombudsman to investigate claims that doctors are forcing injured workers back to work without examining them.

How Canadian vets struggle to transition from combat to civilian life

Employers are expected to get a clear message on Monday: If you kill a worker, you will go to jail! An Ontario Superior Court sentence Metron Construction Project Manager Vadim Kazenelson to jail.‎KillaWorkerGoToJail‬! ‪#‎OnPoli‬#‎CanLab‬

This is Going On #WSIB In #Ontario #Canada #Whistleblower Report Exposes #WSIB Interference in Medical Care.

They say that the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario (WSI has been cutting workers' compensation claims in order to pay off its deficit. To do that, the psychologists say the board is getting other doctors to overrule their conclusions about their patients' fitness to return to work.

Ontario psychologists claim WSIB unfairly denying patient claims Psychologists are concerned that their patients are being denied workers' compensation, and say their recommendations that their patients stay off work are being overruled.

CLASS ACTION: Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSI

Summary of Case

This action is against the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (the “WSIB”). The WSIB is a provincial body corporate, administering the workers’ compensation insurance scheme under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act in the Province of Ontario.

The action alleges the WSIB improperly reduced Non-Economic Loss (“NEL”) awards due to pre-existing conditions. It is argued that the WSIB has no official policy foundation or rational argument upon which to decrease NEL awards on account of pre-existing conditions in the absence of pre-existing impairments. It is alleged that the WSIB breached its duty to act in good faith and perpetrated a misfeasance in public office, and in the alternative was negligent with respect to how it handled the claims of the Class for NEL awards.

Tape Recording of a Medical Examination by the Defendant’s Doctor
June 11, 2014

When an individual is injured in a motor vehicle accident the defendant, more specifically the defendant’s insurance company, has the right to have the plaintiff victim submit to a medical exam by a doctor chosen by the insurance company.…

Workers' compensation links and resources for Injured & Disabled Canadian workers. Find Canada workers' compensation laws and rules, and assistance.…

Canada Resources | NAIDW Workers' compensation links and resources for Injured & Disabled Canadian workers. Find Canada workers' compensation laws and rules, and assistan...

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