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National Association of Injured & Disabled Veterans |

National Association of Injured & Disabled Veterans |...

Support group for injured & disabled veterans and their families.…

Veteran who was denied VA benefits has died There has been a devastating development in a story we first reported a month ago. Army Veteran John Marshall was fighting terminal cancer while at…

Grants Will Help Develop Technology to Make Homes Accessible for Disabled Veterans, Service Members. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has awarded more than $784,000 in Specially Adapted Housing Assistive Technology (SAHAT) Grants to individuals, researchers and organizations. The grants will be used to develop new technologies to make homes accessible for Veterans and Service Members with disabilities. The SAHAT Grant Program provides funding to design assistive technologies and increase home modification options for Veterans who apply for VA’s Specially Adapted Housing program.

Airborne Hazards & Open Burn Registry

The Burn Pit Registry video is a three-minute promotional video created to encourage eligible Servicemembers and Veterans to sign up for the Burn Pit Registry.

Application of the FMLA can also be impacted by the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA), Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986 (COBRA), the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).…

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) OVERVIEW * The Family and Medical Leave Act was amended on January 28, 2008. Please visit Wage and Hour's Web page for additional information. The…

Texas lawmaker hopes to bring attention to new medical crisis for veterans...

Military Burn Pits: The New Agent Orange?

Military Burn Pits: The New Agent Orange? Co-authored by Jessica Farley and Amy Hagopian

Focus Groups: Veterans with Disabilities in the Workplace

Veterans with disabilities may face specific challenges as they make the transition from the military to the civilian workplace and community. To understand these challenges and seek solutions, the Yang-Tan Institute on Employment and Disability will convene focus groups of veterans with disabilities, family members, and employers with grant support from the Bob Woodruff Foundation. The upcoming focus group meetings for all three groups are scheduled for March 10, 2016 in San Antonio, TX and March 17, 2016 in Los Angeles, CA. For more information, exact location and participation contact Judy Young at

For questions about disability employment practices and policies or to learn more about customized training and consultation contact us: Email:

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Social Security Disability for Veterans: What You Should...

Social Security Disability for Veterans: What You Should Know 70% of first time applicants are denied Social Security Disability benefits. The denial rate has increased drastically and those who are truly disabled are being denied at alarming rates. We know Vets are frustrated but here are 5 things that every Veteran should know when applying for SSDI. 70% are denied on the Initial Application Stage – Once an application is filed, a decision is rendered with 4-6 months. When you file on your own, it is very difficult to get status of your claim. Social Security will ship you a load of paperwork and deadlines and then many times, go silent. What results for most is a denial. Over 85% are denied on the Reconsideration stage – once you are denied on the initial application, Social Security offers you the option of appealing that decision within 60 days. In most states, you move to the reconsideration stage. Unfortunately, over 85% of unrepresented applicants are denied at this stage as well. 50% are AWARDED at the Hearing stage with an Attorney – at this point, the majority of applicants will have dropped their applications because of the frustration with getting denied. What most Vets don’t realize is by not pursuing one more appeal, they are missing out on their best chance of securing benefits for themselves and their families. Special Rules for those over 50 – Social Security has rules/guidelines called “GRIDS”. GRIDS only apply to individuals who are over 50....

National Association of Injured & Disabled Veterans |

Thanks, I believe there are a few things in your answer that I can use on my end. And it looks like they have finally got things straight, I have an appointment with an orthopedist near my home who says they can do the surgery, and yes, they did find that buried in the info that was sent to them by Tri-West. Since I don't trust Tri-West to get things right, I did confirm with this doctor the reason for my appointment. After writing the above, I discovered that for some reason the consult for a 2nd opinion by the extremities expert last Oct. was never closed. That was from Long Beach VA, and is just about on par with my total experience with them. I had been sent to Long Beach by Loma Linda, and it was a complete fiasco. But from the sound of things, Tri-West had that old consult still, plus the new one to amputate that foot, and had somehow tried to merge the two, so that they kept trying to send me for "treatment of right foot pain." What a comedy of errors, it would be almost funny if it didn't hurt so bad.

I use Choice a lot. I'm in Eastern NC. And they are slow, making mistakes often. Non-VA was better, but during a standard check in last night, I got confirmation that non-VA and Choice merged. It started in July and the process ended in October. My success has been largely due to me researching and selecting the provider I want for my care, confirming they take Choice, then Secure Messaging that to my VA primary care doctor. He's told me as long as I have any lab, test, consult, physical therapy, etc order in writing from any of my specialists (many, most through Choice now that non-VA is done), he'll put the request in the system. I follow up via Secure Messaging so there's a communication trail. After a while, I initiate a call to Choice, who usually has nothing yet. However, they put a note in, clearly stating MY choice of providers and contact info. Then I call for a status check twice a week in the evening when they have more time. (They're open until 10 pm here.) I get the authorization number as soon as they say they have one, and refer to it every time I call afterwards so they can find it faster. My stuff always gets bogged down around the time it gets sent to appointing. Took 16 months for my VA orthopedist to get me in to see the complex shoulder specialist. Going on 2 years now to get physical therapy for that, but last night's call made real headway. Same with my neurosurgeon consult. I was told to be expecting a call today or tomorrow on both. I've been...

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Veteran's Choice Program, Has anyone else used this? And...

About a year ago, after the long delays for treatment at several VA hospitals was exposed, the VA sent me this new card. It was the "Veterans Choice Card", a simple white plastic card with black printing on both sides. The idea was if you had to wait over 30 days for treatment, or if you live a certain distance (I believe it is 50 miles) from the nearest VA facility, you could get care at a civilian facility and the VA would pay for it. I live about 14 miles from Loma Linda VA Hospital here in California, so I figured I would never have occasion to use it. But then again, I have an old service connected foot injury that has been getting steadily worse over the years, which was finally diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago as CRPS Type II. This is the single most painful condition you can have, there is no cure, and generally, it only gets worse. A little over a year ago, the idea of amputation was broached. I am ready for it, they're working wonders with prosthetics these days. But I digress. Last fall I was sent to an outside facility to see an extremities expert for a second opinion. Everything went smoothly, it was scheduled quickly, when I went there I just showed them that card, no problems. On 31 Dec 2015, the decision was made to amputate my right foot, after failing all conservative and surgical treatment. Tri-West is the contractor for this program at Loma Linda VA..The consult was marked "URGENT." I was seen less than 2 weeks later. Trouble is, they didn't send me to have a...

National Association of Injured & Disabled Veterans |………………

The appeals process: Appeals at the regional office level - VAntage Point

Care and benefits for Veterans strengthened by $182 billion VA budget - VAntage Point

Not all VA facilities are the same, in fact they can be very different just because of the way each individual hospital administrator runs 'his' facility. I have used 2 different VA hospital facilities over the years, Long Beach, Ca., and Loma Linda, Ca. The difference is like night and day. I have had some very good doctors at Loma Linda, and received excellent treatment there. Let's just say that I wouldn't ever go back to Long Beach ever again for any reason, not even at gunpoint. You would have to shoot me, and I still wouldn't go to Long Beach, even for a bullet wound. That said, maybe if you can find another VA facility that isn't too far out of your way, things may be different. They have lots of community clinics these days, that works for several of my friends. My problems are a little too serious for the small clinics, but I haven't had any real problems with the main hospital in Loma Linda.

For The Saluting Marine:

Every Memorial Day weekend since 1988, Rolling Thunder/Ride for Freedom has been held in Washington, DC, to raise awareness of the Prisoners of War–Missing in Action of all wars.

United States Marine Corps Veteran Staff Sergeant Tim Chambers is known to the world as The Saluting Marine for standing at attention for hours in the middle of the street during Rolling Thunder. In the video below, filmed in 2013, he held the salute for 3-4 hours while standing on concrete, surrounded by the bikers who zipped passed and around him. Despite having a broken wrist, Sgt. Chambers stood strong to perform his powerful act honoring veterans everywhere.

Sgt. Chambers stands with his makeshift memorial — boots, a rifle, flack jacket and Kevlar — displayed proudly at his feet. Over the years, families of fallen soldiers have donated personal items to symbolize their body and spirit.

The courageous feat is never lost on those who take part in Rolling Thunder. Many veterans stop on their bikes to salute to Sgt. Chambers, and thank him in return for upholding such a revered tradition.

Watch Sgt. Chambers in action, and please SHARE this wonderful video with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Google...…

D.C. is covered in snow & government is closed but soldiers at Tomb of Unknown Soldier never quit. God bless our military. #veterans #military #vets

D.C. is covered in snow & government is closed but soldiers at Tomb of Unknown Soldier never quit. God bless our military. #veterans #military #vets…

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Comments: Would like to offer free alterations for vets. How would I get the word out in my area.

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520-840-4645 - feeling powerful

CRPS VARS Response as of 1300 MST from Wash, D.C.

Dear Ms. xxxxxx,

I am responding to your inquiry concerning Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). You requested that this condition be added to the VA Schedule for Rating Disabilities (VASRD) and that it be assigned a minimum evaluation of 100 percent.

Under current VA policy, this condition may be evaluated analogously to other conditions with similar signs and symptoms. Generally, the condition would be evaluated analogously to neuritis/neuralgia of the affected nerve. These VASRD diagnostic codes take into account impaired/lost fnction of a nerve due to pain, loss of reflexes, muscle atrophy, sensory disturbances, and other symptoms. If there is more widespread involvement and additional symptoms, the condition could be rated analogously to other conditions existing in the VASRD, such as chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia.

VA is currently in the rule making process for updating the VASRD. At this time, VA cannot discuss those disabilities which will be included or modified based on proposed regulatory changes. VA invites you to review and provide comments once the rule is published in the Federal Register and is available for public comment. At that time, VA will address any and all comments and questions raised concerning the proposed rule making.

I hope this information is helpful. Thank you for your support of our nation’s Veterans and their families.


I have been receiving treatment at Loma Linda VA Medical Center, Loma Linda, California. I was finally diagnosed with CRPS 2 1/2 years ago. 2 years ago I begged them to amputate my right foot because of the pain. After a few rounds with the pain clinic, and uncertainty in the orthopedic clinic, I was sent to Long Beach VA for a 2nd opinion. This eventually led to my being sent to a specialist outside the VA system for another 2nd opinion. I saw an extremity specialist at Newport Orthopedic Institute, Newport Beach, Ca. He referred to the above study during the exam. His conclusion, and his recommendation for treatment was that a right below knee amputation is medically indicated. I will be having it done at Loma Linda VA, as I had so many problems at Long Beach that I do not feel I can trust anyone there. It is now simply a matter of getting a new appointment in the ortho clinic at Loma Linda, and setting a date for surgery. The chief surgeon has already told me he would abide by whatever the outside specialist recommended. The VA will furnish me with a prosthetic once it has healed sufficiently. Once this is over and done with, I should be able to walk without a stick, for the first time since 2007.

Chronic Pain | Symptoms & Treatment | Military Veterans | Make the Connection

Legal help for military members, veterans and their families.

This marine is a quadruple amputee named Todd Nicely of Arnold, Missouri. Check out his t-shirt and you'll see that he manages to have a sense of humor about his sacrifice! Click "like" if appreciate his service!


This marine is a quadruple amputee named Todd Nicely of Arnold, Missouri. Check out his t-shirt and you'll see that he manages to have a sense of humor about his sacrifice! Click "like" if appreciate his service!<br /><br />#veterans
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Full List of Property Tax Exemptions By State for Veterans

Michigan Sen. Glenn Anderson didn’t draft Senate Bill 104 overnight, just as Virginia State Senate Bill 540 wasn’t passed in a day. Nationwide, legislation to lessen the financial strain on qualified disabled veterans stems from a six-year effort to reduce or fully eliminate property tax liability and now, more than half of the states in the U.S. offer some sort of exemption. “If you’re a disabled veteran, in almost every single jurisdiction, you can petition your local taxing authority and you can have all of your local real estate taxes waived. Some cases, they require it’s a one-time waiver; some cases, it’s an annual waiver,” said Mike Frueh, National Director of the VA Home Loan program. “That’s a fantastic benefit.” And that benefit could save you thousands. Property Tax Exemption California, for instance, offers a Disabled Veterans’ Exemption for these veterans to reduce or eliminate their property tax liability. As long as the property is the veteran’s primary place of residence, the full value of the residence does not exceed $150,000, and total household income does not exceed $40,000, a 100 percent disabled veteran can claim a full property tax exemption. Likewise, Texas offers full exemptions for veterans with a disability rating of 100 percent. The state also offers tax exemptions for a portion of the home’s assessed value for other disability ratings. For instance, a 10 to 30 percent disability rating qualifies for an exemption of $5,000 of assessed value,...

National Association of Injured & Disabled Veterans |

Sign/share the petition ( now for Brad, who has been waiting for VA benefits since 2007.

Sign/share the petition ( now for Brad, who has been waiting for VA benefits since 2007.

It’s simple: SHARE THIS POST AND YOU COULD HELP SAVE A VETERAN’S LIFE. The Veterans Crisis Line is available to Vets in crisis 24/7 with trained responders who understand the issues a Veteran may face. Call 1-800-273-8255 and PRESS 1. Text to 838255. Visit If you’re a Veteran support is here for you.

It’s simple: SHARE THIS POST AND YOU COULD HELP SAVE A VETERAN’S LIFE. The Veterans Crisis Line is available to Vets in crisis 24/7 with trained responders who understand the issues a Veteran may face. Call 1-800-273-8255 and PRESS 1. Text to 838255. Visit If you’re a Veteran support is here for you.

His dad died from fighting for our country! Click 'Like' & 'Share' to show respect ♥ - keep scrolling to say I don't care.

His dad died from fighting for our country! Click 'Like' & 'Share' to show respect ♥ - keep scrolling to say I don't care.

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