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susylopez Discussion started by susylopez 6 years ago

I have already had two failed lower back surgeries, the last one was a back fusion.

I have three herniated disks in my neck, pain is getting unbeareable, I'm also having problems with my tendons and ligaments in my left ankle, so I am always at different doctors Offices.

I also suffer from OCD and Depression and unfortunately I have to go through therapy for the rest of my life, well at least until I get over been sexually abused by my Step Grandfather.

I don't thin is the right move to get a surgery no, but my pain management Doctor says that I have to think about it and have the surgery for the Stimulator on, or I'll risk a life of pills and more pills.

Please help me.



Robert.Waugaman Susy, I have also had lumbar surgery and a neck fusion.I had better luck with the neck fusion. My lumbar did get worse. But my complete lumbar is shot. When I got the fusion it more pressure on the bad disk. I do have a stimulator for my lumbar it really don't help. I would have to say the neck surgery may help out. Good luck. 5 years ago
Nadine Susy, You have to weigh the pros and cons of the neck srgery. I herniated two discs in my neck and really did not want surgery. Then it was pointed out how i was losing the ability to walk and move my legs among other things. My life actually got better after the surgery (except I can;'t crack my neck anymore to get rid of tension - drats). There may be injections you can try before having the surgery - they may help. I had lumbar spinal fusion surgery due to an issue different from the neck... Show more 5 years ago
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Donna Honeycutt Green I have had 3 Back Surgeries. With each Surgery your Back gets weaker and the Scar tissue builds up. I now have to have Epidurals every 3 months to the Lower Back. Surgery is always the Last Resort, and there are no promises it will do any good.
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Mike Chenier No, I had it...
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