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Police Officer Still Immobilized After Tree Fell on Vehicle

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manager Discussion started by manager 7 years ago

Police Officer Still Immobilized After Tree Fell on Vehicle

Officer Bob Franco suffered a severe spinal cord injury while on duty during Sandy.


Police Officer Bob Franco remains immobilized at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Paterson after suffering a severe spinal injury Monday, Chief John Reardon said.

Franco and John Neukum, assistant chief of Co. No. 5, were injured when a tree on Lake Drive West fell on their vehicles while Hurricane Sandy blanketed North Jersey with high winds and rain.

It took more than an hour to remove Franco from his vehicle. He suffered a severe spinal injury.

Reardon said Franco remains in the intensive care unit at St. Joseph’s.

“He is not up and not moving around at all. He is completely immobilized,” Reardon said. “He does have some feeling in his extremities.”

Reardon previously said Franco's recovery would be slow from the injury.

Doctors operated on Franco for seven hours Monday.

Neukum was treated and released from the hospital with minor injuries.

Reardon said the Policemen’s Benevolence Association Local 136 is creating a fund to assist Franco and his family. For more information call 973-694-0600.


Officer_LODI Good to hear he received immediate attention! I sure hope he pulls through with our suffering the spinal cord injury I did! They took six months to approve my surgery and by then there was way to much damage from waiting to long. I'm glad he got the immediate care. 7 years ago
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