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If you could walk in my shoes, You would see, I paid my dues, I worked hard my whole life through, Even though, I no longer do.  

You would see how hard I tried. You would see how hard I cried. Can't you see my condition is real, Even though you can't see what I feel.   Your support could lift me up. That would be amazing luck. My disability; you can't see, But I need you to believe in me.  

Trust me when I say, A friend could make my day. Please lend a helping hand, With your support, I can stand. A little goes along way. A good friend won't turn away. A little kind word can lift my soul. A little kind word can make me whole.  

Written By: Manuela McPhee on May 23, 2009

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Medicare and you

By: Nancy Mann Jackson 

How it works: Established by the Social Security Act of 1965, Medicare is a social insurance program that provides health insurance coverage to people who are 65 and over and others who meet special criteria (such as having a permanent physical disability). The basic Medicare plan pays up to 80 percent of medical costs; by adding a Medicare Advantage plan, individuals over 65 can receive more complete benefits. 

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 Toni BernhardIn April, NPR ran a story titled, "The Slow Internet Movement." It reported that hipster cities like Portland, Oregon are sprouting Internet cafés that only offer dial-up access to the web. These cafés give customers, "Slow pours and slow Internet. Here, you can order your coffee and spend four hours checking your email, all for .99 an hour." "Wow," I thought." That's just my speed!" (No pun intended.) But the story didn't just run in April. It ran on April 1st and was NPR's little April Fools joke at the expense of gullible people like me.

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By: The Advocator Group

Debt CeilingJust last week, The Advocator Group released an analysis of the impact of the debt ceiling impasse on the timely payment of Social Security benefits.  The analysis highlighted the inner workings of the Social Security Trust Funds, including how funds are invested and redeemed for cash that is used to pay benefits.

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FinanceBy: The Advocator Group

As things currently stand, the United States government will lose its legal authority to borrow money on August 2, 2011. With this deadline drawing near, Social Security recipients are among the many groups of Americans who are wondering how this issue will impact their lives and more specifically, their monthly benefits. Should Congress fail to pass a plan to avoid default on the federal government's financial obligations, it is possible that benefits payments due in August (totaling $23 billion) will not be made on time.

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Social Security Card


May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month. This annual month of consumer outreach was founded by The Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education, a nonprofit insurance information organization.



Toni Bernhard

Mindfulness is the practice of paying careful attention to what is happening in the present moment, whether it be a sight, a sound, a taste, a smell, a sensation in the body, or mental activity (the latter includes emotions and thoughts). Practice it for a few moments or for a few minutes—lying on your bed, sitting in a doctor's office or on a park bench, standing in line. Anywhere.  

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Chronic PainBy Charles

It is Tuesday morning at 5:02am. Saturday I went out for a drive to take pictures, hoping to get some shots of black bears. I know they would not be out posing and ready for me, but I was not able to find any. I did get some nice pictures of the Big South Fork River Gorge. I spent most of the day out, about 13 hours of driving, some walking, and reading about the Big South Fork Recreational area. Saturday night when I was home, I was in tremendous pain. I took at this time my third breakthrough pain pill.

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Tony BernhardOn May 22nd, 2001—10 years ago to the day of this post—my husband and I flew from California to Paris, planning to immerse ourselves in Parisian culture for three weeks. The second day there, I got sick with what appeared to be an acute viral infection. I spent most of those three weeks in a Parisian bed. Ten years later—I'm still sick. I didn't research what I should have learned the past 10 years. These are just 10 things I have learned. At the end of the post, I hope you'll share your own experience.   

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Toni BernhardIn Buddhism, equanimity is one of "four sublime emotions," meaning that, by cultivating it, we can help alleviate our suffering. The dictionary defines equanimity as "mental calmness and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation." That's as good a definition as I've seen for this central Buddhist concept. Here are three ways to cultivate equanimity no matter what health challenges you face.

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