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Saturday, 25 September 2010 13:34

Understanding Personal Injury and What You Can Do Featured

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What can you do if you suffer from personal injury that is the fault of someone else? Where do you go to receive compensation? Do you even know what personal injury is? These are all legitimate questions and often the issue within a case where an employee or citizen is unaware of their rights and their actual liabilities. Believe it or not, there are many injuries you may incur that are not your fault, in which you are able to receive compensation in one form or another. You must know what you can do, where you can go, and when to take action in order to be fully prepared for anything.

What is Personal Injury?

Personal injury is the injury to your person, mind, or emotions that causes a severe change in your abilities. This could be through an accident or some sort of intentional act, or even through time with various types of chemicals or materials. Personal injury is much different than property damage, but is similar in that both are quite common causes for law suits. Punitive damage, medical costs, everything else is just an element of personal injury, as it is the actual cause and effect of a negligent or unfortunate circumstance. Common causes of personal injury include:

  • Work place accidents
  • Auto accidents
  • Attacks
  • Slips and falls in public

This becomes a bit of a tricky situation in that personal injuries can sometimes take a small bit of time to show, such as with muscle or long term aggravation that could develop through time or delay due to shock or other symptoms. This can cause a bit of difficulty when seeking compensation as times may not correlate, which is why all injuries no matter how large or small should be taken to the emergency room immediately without question.  

Personal Injury Court Hearing

How to determine if you are Suffering Personal Injury

This may seem a bit common sense, but it can be a little difficult to determine whether or not you are suffering from personal injury or not. Sometimes the injury may be unapparent for a few hours or even days, while other injuries may be recurring, causing you a great deal of pain without the notice to the cause. The actual cause of personal injury is determined in two ways: either your fault or the fault of another party. The only way you are able to receive compensation, of course, is if the fault falls unto another party, relieving yourself of liability, thus gaining the qualification in most cases for various forms of compensation.

Types of Compensation

There are many ways you can be compensated for any type of work place or public place personal injury including:

  • Tort claims
  • Malpractice suits
  • Workers compensation
  • Social security disability
  • Personal claims
All these forms of compensation are highly dependent on the nature of your injuries, ensuring that you are really not at fault and that another party caused your injuries and costs associated with the injuries. There are many factors that can go into the amount you are compensated, all different with the different types of compensation, such as:
  • Time at work
  • Work history
  • Cause of injury
  • Actual injury
  • Result of injury on life abilities

Of course, with smaller injuries, you aren’t likely to get compensated for leaving work if it wasn’t necessary, but even if you aren’t harmed at work, any injury that causes the loss of work has the potential to qualify you for a number of compensation types including social security disability and personal claims as well.

Filing Personal Injury Cases

There are a number of different types of lawyers that are available for different types of personal injury cases. From falls to mental distress and even the types of injuries that are sustained through time and later revealed can be covered by different attorneys that are suited to handle different cases. Getting the proper representation requires the appropriate research and collection of information pertaining to your case, as well as local attorneys that are best suited to fit your case. There are definitely different statutes per state that will require different circumstances, terms, and limitations as well. You don’t have to allow a personal injury to get the best of you. If the injury is not your fault, there are different measures you can take in order to get the compensation you most deserve. Losing your financial stability due to an injury that was out of your power can be a great and drastic loss over time, especially if you have medical costs and other costs to take care of. Getting compensation for these types of injuries will ensure you are able to pay for your medical bills, while remaining above water in your personal life as well, even if you can’t work.

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  • Comment Link Steve Sweat - Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney Wednesday, 30 October 2013 17:12 posted by Steve Sweat - Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney

    I like that you have laid out a good, overall big picture of the broad concept of "personal injury". There are many potential remedies which can be sought out depending upon where, when and how a person has sustained bodily harm. It is important to consult with an attorney who is knowledgeable about all the potential avenues that an injured person has to obtain help with medical expenses (present and future) and for the disruption that major injuries cause to a person's life. Thanks for sharing!

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