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(Image Credit:wp-content/uploads/2014/08/5741994079_75f1ee5367_o.jpg)

The experience of being pressed with criminal charges can not only be stressful but also a very trying time to deal with. Laws related to criminal charges are quite complex. Moreover, each case is unique and has its own set of issues. However, you can save yourself from the ‘guilty’ verdict. In order to convict you of a criminal charge, the prosecutor must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. You, as a defendant, will get the chance to provide justification. This may result in your acquittal or reduced sentence. This justification is known as defense, and it plays a paramount role in any criminal case. Moreover, a defense acts like a strategic argument that attempts to challenge the validity and the sufficiency of the prosecution’s evidence. Here are six of the most common criminal defenses.

1. Self-Defense

This is one of the most common defenses in which the defendant tries to demonstrate to the judge/ jury that he/she was not the aggressor. Instead he/she was the victim who was trying to save himself/herself from harm and hence, acted accordingly.

This form of defense involves acts of violence or deadly force committed to protect oneself or another person from an attacker. Also, it is predicated on the belief that people have a right to defend themselves from physical injury. In order to prove this defense, there are three main points that a defendant needs to demonstrate:

  • The act of self-defense was necessary
  • The belief of physical harm was reasonable
  • The force used by the defendant was reasonable

Additionally, abuse defense is a specialized version of self-defense. A defendant can use it to prove that he/she had been a victim of physical or mental abuse; and he/she had no other solution but to commit the act of violence in order to escape and protect himself/herself.

2. Insanity Defense

The insanity defense prevents those defendants from getting punished, who are mentally -incapacitated and have no control over their actions. It’s important to understand the definition of the term “insane” according to the courts.

It is based on the MacNaughton rule, which defines insanity as the lack of ability to distinguish the right from the wrong. It is quite difficult to prove this defense, as the defendant needs to undergo extensive psychiatric testing. This can be arduous to deal with. Getting out on an insanity plea doesn't mean the accused goes unpunished. The court will sentence the defendant to a mental institution and quite often the sentence is longer than a prison term would have been.

Another variation of the insanity defense is diminished responsibility or capacity, in which the defendant argues that his/her mental state was not to the point of insanity, but there was some type of defect that impaired his mental function such as extremely low intelligence and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The insanity defense depends majorly upon on the testimony of a psychiatrist, who after examining the defendant, reviewing his/her background, and looking at the case facts, gives his/her opinion.

3. Entrapment Defense

In 1982, John DeLorean became a target of a government sting operation in which he was to receive $24 million if he invested $1.8 million to import cocaine into the U.S. The cash-strapped car maker took the bait and was arrested. But, he was acquitted by a federal judge, who ruled that government agents entrapped the car maker by making him an offer that was impossible to refuse.

This is one of the most well-known examples of a crime where entrapment defense was used. This can be basically defined as a defense in which the government tricks you into committing a crime and then prosecutes you for it. Most common examples of this are cases involving prostitution, drug sales, bribery of public officials, counterfeiting and price controlling. This defense will be unsuccessful if the judge/jury believes that you were predisposed to committing the crime, irrespective of the attempt made by the government to entrap you.

4. Alibi Defense

One of the most common ways to state that you didn’t commit a crime is by proving that you couldn’t have done it. This type of defense basically involves the following:

  • You weren’t at the crime scene and were somewhere else when the crime took place
  • You were with someone else

By making these arguments, you may be able to create a reasonable doubt of guilt and prove that you are not the perpetrator.

5. Under-the-Influence Defense

Involuntary intoxication doesn’t excuse criminal conduct. However, many defendants defend themselves by claiming that owing to the influence of drugs or alcohol, they weren’t in the correct mental state, thereby leading to the act of violence. This can demonstrate that they weren’t aware of their actions.

Not every state allows this type of defense, though. Additionally, this defense won’t help you win an acquittal. At the most it will help you avail a lesser sentence.

6. Defense of Automatism

Automatism can be best defined as the combination of excuse and exculpation. The defendant uses this form of defense to prove that he/she lacked control over his/her actions, and, therefore, cannot be held responsible. The defendant can state that the lack of control was due to one or more reasons such as:

  • Delusion
  • Incapacitation
  • Provocation
  • Mental disability
  • Sleepwalking
  • Physical problem

By using this defense, the defendant can argue that the above mentioned reason(s) excuses him/her from liability and frees him/her from culpability for the injuries and damage caused to the other person. A jury could acquit or render a guilty verdict with mitigating sentencing. In a civil case, the liability incurred could be reduced or forgiven if the defendant is found guilty.

Most importantly, it is essential to find a good lawyer, who can help you understand the various aspects and forms of criminal defenses. There are various ways to find a reputable lawyer and one of the most effective ways is online search. If you are looking for a lawyer in Chicago, you can search online for criminal defense attorney Chicago. This will provide you with a list of lawyers based in Chicago. After checking their online rating, you can opt for initial consultation and decide which one is suitable for your case.


Right from arguing that you didn’t commit the crime to stating that you committed the crime but had a legal and a reasonable defense for doing so, there are several criminal defenses that can be presented when defending yourself in court. This may help you avoid potential punishments. By learning more about the above mentioned criminal defenses and their various aspects, you can save yourself from severe legal consequences. Of course, the final decision lies in the hands of the judge or the jury, but there’s a lot you can do to achieve a better outcome for your case.

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Posted by on in MyBlog

In April 2004 while working at Household Finance Corporation in North Olmsted, Ohio I was sexually assaulted by another employee who ended up being a prior sex offender. Because of a failed proper background check he was hired. I had to endure a grueling sexual assault that fractured my jaw so now its crooked, damaged my nose (broke) so now it has excessive cartilage scarring, herniated discs from my neck down to my tail bone, and my tail bone was broken so it now protrudes. I had to go through the process of convicting this rapist, George Parrish, who plead guilty, which was so difficult because he threatened to murder me and my children if I went through with it so of course I lived in fear and still do. But the torture that I've endured for the past 11 years from the Ohio Bureau Of Workers Compensation and CareWorks doesn't even come close to facing the man who raped me and left me both mentally and physically scarred. Any person with common sense and a sound mind would just read the police report and medical records and know how severely brutal my rape was and how much damage I sustained and make sure my injuries are taken care of. But that's not been the case at all. I've had minimal care and treatments and it's caused more damage for me. Oral surgeons I need for my jaw are not readily available because injuries to the mouth and jaw are rare and so there's no actual paperwork for dental care providers or oral surgeons so because of that these providers do not want to enroll in CareWorks or BWC care provider listings because the paper work is designed for doctors and its made difficult for them to be reimbursed. Only a few of the disc injuries to my spine are allowed because no one through BWC or CareWorks has ever taken the time to read the police report or medical reports to my sexual assault. This should be an easy case, my rapist plead guilty, there's no question to what happened to me but I'm left with no treatment and if I want treatment I must pay for it out my own finances because Household Finance Corporation, BWC, and CareWorks, knowing that there are no doctors within a 3 hour driving distance who may care for my injuries, will not make any accommodations to allow me to have a provider willing to treat me, treat me unless they join and sign up as BWC CareWorks providers. These doctors do not want to be on there but they want to take care of me. How is this fair. I've been left without treatment for 11 years and conditions that should be allowed are not because no one has ever taken the time to read the police report and medical records of my sexual assault. I just want what's fair. I don't want to be medicated, which is all they have done for me. I want and deserve the treatment my body needs from the damage my body endured from this sexual assault that was caused from a failed proper background check by Household Finance Corporation and by George Parrish who raped and brutally beat me. I also want the proper care I am due from the Ohio Bureau Of Workers Compensation, CareWorks. They are both a major fail and they need fixed!! Please someone who reads this please help me change and reform the Ohio BWC & CareWorks because their way of running things is an epic fail and my story is a prime and PERFECT example of this failure.



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Some days you may feel like you’ve got the whole world in the palm of your hands. That might be a little lofty, but it can be said that you have yourself in the palm of your hands. Certain pressure points on your hands can help relieve pain in other parts of the body. Here’s what to do:

  • Press the thumb point on the appropriate area of your hand for 5 seconds.
  • Release the thumb for 3 seconds.
  • Press again.
  • Repeat for several minutes.
  • Repeat several times a day.
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Do you have someone in your family who is a service member, retired military, or veteran? You'll be surprised by the number of hidden discounts out there available for your family, oftentimes in the places you least expect -- if only you had known.

So how do you uncover these discounts? All you have to do is ASK, especially since many are not advertised and there are often no visible signs of a military discount. Make sure to have your or your family member's military ID with you, in case it is required. While it may be a bit daunting to inquire at first, it will become easier each time you do so, and your family will be greatly rewarded for your effort.

To give you a helping hand, our team at MOGUL has gathered some of the wonderful military discounts we've unearthed (thanks to Military Benefits for the initial tips); yet please do note some discounts may vary over time and by location. If there are any more you know about, please add them in the Comments section below, and we'll update this post from time to time!

Remember, you must ASK. And share this with friends and family who would greatly benefit from this!



24 Hour Fitness Military Membership
Active duty military members do not have to pay an initiation fee. They only have to pay the first and last months’ dues, in order to open a membership.


1st in Flowers
Get a 15% military discount.


ACE Rent a Car Military Discount
At select ACE Rent-A-Car offices, get 15% off on car rentals.


AC Lens
Active duty military members and veterans receive 10% off contact lenses purchased through AC Lens. Use the promo code MILITARY during checkout in order to receive the discount.


ACU Army
5% Discount for all. Click on the ACU Army link, and then use Discount Code “ARMYACU10″.


In any Aeropostale store nationwide, you can get 10% off on all purchases.


Alamo Car Rental
Members of the military and their families receive discounted rates through Alamo Car Rental. Those traveling on military orders also receive a Collision Damage Waiver and no additional driver fees.


Alfred Angelo Bridal Gown Discount for Military Brides
Save 15% on a bridal gown at any Alfred Angelo Bridal Boutique. Many locations throughout the U.S.


American Airlines Cargo
Ship your pets for 50% less than the regular published rates. Active members of the US military forces as well as their dependents may avail of this discount, which applies to animal shipping for personal use only.


American Car Craft
Enter promo code HERO-20 to receive 20% off custom stainless steel auto accessories, online only.


American Family Insurance
Active duty service members and veterans who have faced a lapse in insurance due to a deployment are eligible to apply for coverage through American Family Insurance as continuous customers or as having prior insurance. This distinction allows military members to qualify for lower premiums.


Get discounted hotel rates in any of 220 branches nationwide. Simply present a valid US military ID upon check-in.


Active duty military personnel and their families save 10% when traveling with Amtrak. The discount only applies to regular fares and may not be combined with other discounts.


AmunWave Tactical Optics
10% off total purchase for all Active Duty Service Members. AmunWave Tactical Optics LLC is a distributor of Numa Sunglasses. AmunWave specializes in tactical, ballistic and sport eyewear.


Anna’s Linens
Get 10% off on purchased items by calling 1-866-266-2728 before ordering online, or by presenting a valid military ID for in-store purchases.


Antique Jewelry Mall
With a valid military ID or military e-mail address, military members receive 5% off all jewelry purchases. You must place your order by phone, Skype or e-mail to receive the discount.


The Apple Federal Government and Military Employee Purchase programs is available to Military personnel, National Guard and Reserve, and their families, along with employees of the federal government. You can get a military discount on iPhones, iPads, iPods and Macs through Apple’s Military/Government Purchase Program.


Applebees offers 10% discounts and free meals on Veterans day at participating locations. Must present valid military ID.


Armed Forces Eyewear
Discounts are offered on eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses for active duty and retired military members and their families.


Armed Forces Vacation Club
The Armed Forces Vacation Club allows active duty and retired military members to book 7-night accommodations for only $349 a week to help them reconnect with family members after a deployment or long stint in the military.


A Story Before Bed
Military members facing deployment are eligible to receive a free recordable storybook.


AT&T Wireless Discount
Active Duty, Reserves and Veterans get 15% off on mobile phone services. Just present identification or proof veteran status to any AT&T store. Mention FAN code 4085530.


Audi of America
Get special offers and benefits exclusively available to overseas US military personnel via Audi’s Military Sales Program. Visit their website for more info.


Audio Geeks
Active Duty, Veterans, Retirees, Reservists and Dependents receive a 15% discount. Use promo code USMIL15 at checkout.


Avis Car Rental
U.S. Military and Federal Government employees get free collision/LDW insurance coverage, no underage driver fees, unlimited mileage and competitive rates on official business or personal.


Award Tech Remote PC Specialist
10% discount on computer support servies for Active Duty, Veterans, Retirees and Reservists. Acceptable ID includes a .mil email address or honor system. No military discount website information available, submitted by business to Military Benefits.


Bass Pro Shops
For one week, beginning the 15th of every month, active duty and retired military members receive a 10% discount. Some items, such as reels and firearms, are not included.


Nothing is as comforting as a conversation with loved ones while overseas. Forget about expensive overseas calls and save up to 80% on your phone bill with these affordable military phone cards you can use when calling to and from locations as far as Iraq or Afghanistan.


Beaches by Sandals
U.S and Canada Military members and their families save an extra 10% at Beaches resorts.


Bell Bicycling and Motorcycle Helmets
Get VIP status through an exclusive “Pro Deal Program” for powersports industry professionals, active military and public service officials including police and fire. The program offers an exclusive discount on Bell products, apparel and accessories to outdoor industry professionals who includes shop employees, retails sales associates, shop owners, mechanics, manufacturers, athletes, media and more.


Berklee School of Music
Get a world-class musical education at a lower price and a more flexible schedule. Active duty and veteran military personnel get a 20% tuition fee discount, on top of available tuition assistance program for military students or GI Bill benefits for veterans. For more details, send an email to or call 1-866-BERKLEE.


Best Bully Sticks
Get discounts on cat and dog supplies by sending an email to from your US military email address. You will be sent a promo code which you can use to get discounted rates.


Best Buy
Best Buy offers half off Geek Squad services for military families. Click on the Best Buy link for any new offer updates.


Best Western
Provides hotel rates based on the u.s. government per diem. Available to military personnel or civilian and government employees on official business or leisure.


Blue Star Museums
Members of the Blue Star Museum program offer free admission to military members and their families from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Visitors must present a military ID for free admission.


Boston Market
Veterans Advantage members to receive 20% discount at all Boston Market® locations.


Brides Across America Military Bride Wedding Gown Giveaway
Multiple bridal retailers and wedding dress designers work with this organization to provide free wedding dresses to military brides. Special wedding dress events are held throughout the year where they giveaway wedding dresses. Check out their site for a listing of the next free wedding dress event in a city near you.
Get a free banner or jumbo card to show some big love for troops at home and overseas.


Budget Car Rental
With the offer code BCD U088801, military members receive discounted rates when booking a rental car online.


Buffalo Wild Wings
Many Buffalo Wild Wings offer 10% discounts based on franchise location. Check with your local store first. Typically you must present a valid military ID.


Burger King
Some participating locations offer 10% discounts, check with the store first. Typically, you must present a valid military ID.


California Southern University
Spouses and children of active-duty and retired military service members can get 10% off on tuition fees for online degree programs in business, psychology and law.


CAM Solar
Reduce your carbon footprint, save energy and save on your electric bill by having solar panels installed in your home. Military discounts are available. Contact 210-227-3456 for details.


Central Michigan University
National Guard and reserve; active duty military spouses and dependent children; military retirees; honorably discharged veterans; and Department of Defense (DoD) employees may be eligible for discounted tuition fees for undergraduate or graduate degree programs. This applies to both on-campus and online courses.


Chevy Fresh Mex
Military members who visit Chevys in uniform and present a valid military ID receive 20% off.


Many Chick-fil-A locations offer 10% discounts, always check with the store first. Typically, you must present a valid military ID.


Choice Hotels
Along with discounted rates at over 2,700 hotels, military members and veterans have the option to join the Choice Privileges program as Elite Gold members. This membership entitles them to exclusive benefits and rewards points.


Get exclusive rebates and affordable financing deals on Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram vehicles through the Chrysler Military Program. This offer is available to overseas military personnel.


Cinemark Movie Theaters
Active military members may get discounted rates upon presenting valid active duty military ID at the ticket booth of selected theaters nationwide. Different terms may apply at each location.


Clipper Vacations, Pacific Northwest Travel
Using the promo code HERO while booking online, members of the military and one guest receive discounts on vacation packages in the Pacific Northwest.


Costco Wholesale
Join Costco as a new member and receive over $50 in savings for all Members of the Armed Forces, Veterans and their families.


Cube Smart
Active duty military members receive 20% off storage services for the duration of their military service. A copy of deployment orders and a military ID are required.


Dairy Queen
Most Dairy Queen locations offer military discounts. The amount varies by location, but may be as high as 50% off for members who show up in uniform.


Dell’s Military Rewards program offers discounts on laptops that are part of Dell’s premier selection. All computers are equipped with webcams to keep military members connected to their families.


Delta Vacations
Plan your next big trip anywhere in the world and save $50 to $200 on your vacation package of choice. All you need is a valid US military email address to get the discount, along with other perks such as discounted flights and bonus mileage points.


Disney Parks
Spend a magical day with your loved ones with discounted rates on rooms and admission tickets in Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort. Active military and spouses, retired military, National Guard and Reservists and their families are eligible for this discount.


Disney Cruise Lines
In honor of the brave men and women who serve this country, Disney Cruise Line is proud to offer special military rates on select Disney cruises through December 2013.
Veterans, active duty military, National Guard and Reserve and their families may get amazing discounts in car rentals, as well as fee waivers and other membership rewards. This applies to Veterans Advantage card holders.


Door to Door Storage
Military members receive up to 50% off regular rates from Door to Door storage to help military members who are relocating or transitioning back into civilian life.


By entering the code USTROOPS in the discount box when checking out, military members receive discounts on engagement rings.


All active duty and reserve military members and their families receive 10% off.
Active duty, retired or honorably discharged members of the US Military get FREE membership to the Professional Bowhunter Buyer’s Club. Members are entitled to 4-45% when purchasing archery and bowhunting equipment from or Call 516-656-0808 for more details.


The availability of discounted military tickets is controlled by each individual theater, not by Fandango. To see if any discounts are being offered for your theater for purchases made via Fandango, click on a red show time to begin the purchase process. All available ticket categories will be displayed on the subsequent page. Look for ticket categories labeled “military discount” or similarly named categories which would indicate a specially priced ticket. Also, not all theaters that offer military discounts make them available through Fandango.
This online florist offers specially designed military care packages that may be shipped to APO/FPO addresses as well.


Active and reserve overseas military members can get great deals to lease or purchase Ford and Lincoln vehicles through its exclusive Military Appreciation Program.


Discounts vary by location, but range from 10-15% off for those who present a military ID.


Pay 15% less than regular insurance premiums if you are an active duty or retired member of the military, or a member of the National Guard or Reserves.


General Motors
Active Duty members, reserves and retirees, including their spouses, of the U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, National Guard and Coast Guard can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars when purchasing eligible Chevrolet, Buick or GMC vehicles through the GM Military Discount program. There are also regional and dealership incentives available.


Gift Express
20% discount on fine personalized gifts, personalized stationery gifts & gifts for business. Use code USA for 20% savings with a minimum purchase of $39.95. Shpping to APO addresses as well.


Gold’s Gym
Gold’s Gym offers $20% off monthly dues and discounted enrollment rates for members of the military and veterans.


Great Wolf Lodge & Indoor Water Park
Great Wolf Lodge, with suites and an indoor water park offers a 10% discount for military members, retired military and their families. Book online using the offer code HEROES. It is limited to two suites per military ID or badge and based upon availability. A valid ID or badge is required at check in. Police, Fire and EMS workers can also take advantage of this discount.


Get a 10% discount on fares for you and your family if you are either active duty or retired US military personnel. Other terms may apply. See here for Veterans.


Group Health Eye Care
Military members and veterans receive 20% off prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses.
Military families can get great discounts on selected travel destinations within the country. Be ready to provide valid identification and/or documents.


Haber Vision
Protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays and prevent wrinkles caused by squinting too much in the sunlight with Haber Vision sunglasses. Military personnel can get a pair for half the regular retail price.


Hard Rock Cafe
All Hard Rock Café locations offer a year-round 15% discount for military members who present a valid military ID. That discount is increased to 20% during select months.


Military personnel serving outside the US can take advantage of the Harley-Davidson Military Sales Program to get discounts on a large selection of Harleys, plus other great benefits.


Heart Rate Watch Company, The
US military active duty and retired receive 10% off all heart rate monitors, GPS watches and remote charging equipment from brands like Garmin, Suunto, Polar, Times, Goal Zero and more. Shipping is free to APO and a free fitness book is included as well. To get the promo code contact rsquire(at)heartratewatchcompany(dot)com to or call toll-free at 866-586-7129


Helzberg Diamonds
10% discount to all active military when placing an order over the phone at 1-800-HELZBERG (435-9237); M-F 8am-5pm CST. Most Helzberg locations honor the military discount as well but call ahead to confirm. Proof of ID required before processing the discount.


Hertz Rental Cars
Members of the military receive discounted rates and unlimited mileage through Hertz Rental Cars. Free upgrades are also offered if space is available.


Hewlett Packard
HP offers a military discount program with up to 10% off computers and other special promotions. Military members must sign-up for the program to access the discounts.


Hickory Farms
Send gifts to APO and FPO addresses—shipping is free.


Home Depot
A year round 10% discount up to a maximum $500 at all U.S. locations to active duty personnel, reservists, retired or disabled veterans and their immediate families. Must present a valid military ID. A 10% discount is also offered to all other military veterans on Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day and Veterans


Howard Johnson’s
10 percent. Rate depends on availability. Must present military I.D. upon check in.


Hyatt Hotels
Active duty military members receive up to 50% off room rates at 20 of its resorts in the U.S. and Caribbean. In addition, military members receive up to 20% off food purchase. Call for details.
Interested in a career in hypnosis? Apply for a hypnosis certification course and get a 20% discount if you are an active duty or veteran military personnel. Call 714-258-8380 or 800-965-3390 to register.


Active duty, veteran or retired members of the US military may get a $500 price slash on any new Hyundai vehicle. Availability is subject to terms, valid until January 4, 2012 to April 2, 2012. Ask your local dealership for more info.


Receive exclusive new vehicle pricing with their Vehicle Purchase Program. Special pricing varies by month. Must be Active Duty or Reserve and their dependents (spouse/domesticpartner) US Military includes: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and National Guard.


Jelly Bean Quilts
15% discount on all quilts for Active Duty, Veterans, Retirees and Dependents. Memory quilts are made out of baby clothing, t-shirt quilts, and memorial clothing quilts. Email for discount details: Discount is based on the honor system. No military discount website information available, submitted by business to Military Benefits.


Jellystone Parks
Active duty and retired military families who enjoy camping receive discounts at most of Jellystone’s campgrounds. Discounts range from 5% to 20% off and vary by location.


Jiffy Lube
Most Jiffy Lube locations offer up to 15% off to military members. Because Jiffy Lube locations are independently owned, some may opt not to participate in the discount program.


JJ’s House for Wedding Dresses
Link to military discounts for wedding dresses and wedding accessories.


Kaplan University
Active-duty military service members, their spouses and veterans may avail of discounted tuition fees at Kaplan University, one of the top military-friendly colleges and universities for three consistent years.


Keystone School
Active duty US military families may get up to 10% off on tuition fees for Keystone School’s online high school and middle school programs. Call 1-800-255-4937 to enroll. Discounts are not applicable to online enrollments.


KOA Campgrounds
Most KOA campgrounds offer a military discount between 5% and 15% off the regular price. Check with your specific campground to find out the discount it offers.


Get a 15% discount by presenting a valid US military ID in selected Kohl’s branches nationwide. Not all Koh’s participate.


Lady Foot Locker
Active military, veterans and their families can purchase quality athletic footwear at Lady Foot Locker via stores, phone orders and online orders at 20% off. To avail of a discount, one must also be a Veterans Advantage member.


La Quinta Inns & Suites
While it does not publish its military rates, La Quinta Inns & Suites advertises special rates for members of the military who provide a valid ID. Choose the government rate option when booking online.


Larson Jewelers
Active duty military members receive 5% off the purchase of wedding rings and bands.


Legoland California
Active-duty military personnel get 10% off on a one-day admission ticket upon presenting a valid military ID.


Lonestar Steakhouse & Saloon
All veterans and active duty personnel get a 20% discount every Monday, and 10% off every other day.


Lowes offers a regular 10% military discount to active duty military members and Retired Veterans, or VA Recipients. This 10% discount is also extended to the immediate family of those who are currently serving, Retired Veterans, or VA Recipients. Lowes honors all Veterans on three specific holidays: Memorial Day, 4th of July and Veterans Day. During these three holiday weekends, Lowes extends the discount to all veterans who served honorably and who present a valid Form DD214 or other proof of service.


Man Crates Care Packages
Military families save 10% with verification through Troop ID. Man Crates ships to APO/FPO and overseas.


Marriott Hotels
Find out how much you can save in hotel rates under Marriott’s Military Per Diem Rate Qualification Guidelines.


Massage Envy Military Discount Program
All active-duty military personnel who join Massage Envy get $60 off a year. Call ahead to ensure the location is participating and rates may vary.


Meineke franchises offer discounts to military members on select services. Discounts and qualified services vary by location.


Microsoft 365
All US military personnel save up to 30% off Microsoft 365 which include Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, Skype, SkyDrive, Access, Publisher, OneNote


Modern Furniture for Home
All US military personnel may get 10% off on furniture. Simply fax a copy of an active military ID card to 323-782 0889 or upload a scanned copy through their website, in order to get a coupon code.


Moissante Bridal
Military members receive 5% off the purchase of an engagement ring.


Motel 6 Military Discount
all active and retired military personnel and their families are eligible for a 10% discount. When booking online, simply click “Military Rate” before selecting your room type and the discount will be automatically applied.


National Car Rental
Military members receive discount rates on car rentals and no additional driver fees when traveling on official military orders.


The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass
Available to US military members and their dependents in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard, as well as most members of the US Reserves and National Guard. Proper military ID is required (CAC Card or DoD Form 1173). Covers entrance to Fish and Wildlife Service and National Park Service sites that charge Entrance Fees, and Standard Amenity Fees at Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and Bureau of Reclamation sites. In addition, most state and federal parks grant free access on Veteran’s Day and other military holidays.


Navy Federal Credit Union
Active duty and retired military personnel may qualify for a ¼ % APR discount on selected loans. Call 1-888-842-6328 or visit your nearest NFCU branch. Offer is not available for online applications.


With a 5% discount on all procedures for military personnel and their spouses, you may save hundreds of dollars upon presenting a valid US military ID or equivalent proof of military status.


New Jersey Transit
Military members and their families may purchase rail tickets at the senior citizen rate by showing a valid military ID.


Nickelodeon Suites Resort
This Orlando resort offers 20% off accommodations and 10% off food and beverages through its military appreciation package.


Active, retired, reservist US military personnel and their families get 10% off in Nike-owned stores including Nike Stores, NikeFactoryStores, NIKETOWN and NikeWomen in the US and Puerto Rico. Present a valid US military ID for verification.


Receive exclusive new vehicle pricing with their Vehicle Purchase Program. Special pricing varies by month. Must be Active Duty or Reserve and their dependents (spouse/domesticpartner) US Military includes: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and National Guard.


Norwegian Cruise Lines
The military and their families can receive up to 10% off on select cruises. Includes veterans, active duty military, national guard, or reserves.


The program is for active duty military, reserve, federal and local law enforcement, fire, EMS and those holding military retiree credentials. Must have a valid .gov or .mil email address entered during registration confirm your approval. The discount is available through their USS Standard Issue website.


Olan Mills
Show your Active or Reserve Military ID, along with this Coupon to take advantage of a special offer. Olan Mills are located in Kmart’s locations throughout the US.


Old Navy
Every Monday Old Navy gives you 10% off your total purchase with valid Military ID! Just show your ID at check-out for your savings!


Operation Love Reunited
Photographers partner with this organization to provide free photo shoots for military members and their loved ones before or after a deployment.


O’Reilly Auto Parts
All O’Reilly Auto Parts stores provide a discount, usually 5% to 10%, to active and retired military personnel with proper ID. Offer is not valid online.


Outback Steakhouse
In addition to providing a free Bloomin’ Onion appetizer to all active duty military who show an ID, Outback supports Operation Homefront and other military programs through proceeds from special restaurant promotions.
Free Club O membership for military personnel with a valid .mil email address or active, retired or reserve military. Membership benefits include 5% reward dollars on every purchase, free shipping every day of the year and extra reward dollars on select products.


Payless Shoe Source
All US military personnel and their immediate family members get 10% off on any purchase (on top of other possible discounts and promos) at Payless Shoe Source branches in the United States and Puerto Rico.


Park Ride Fly USA
Airport parking discounts to all Veterans, Armed Forces personnel and their families.


Penske Truck Rentals
Get up to 20% off on military relocation packages with a valid military ID. They will also match any price.


Pep Boys Military Discount
Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday active-duty and retired military customers can receive a 10% discount at local stores. Present a valid military or veteran ID to save.


Military members and veterans are eligible for discounted storage rates through PODS.


Portrait Innovations
10% discount on all portrait packages and specialty portrait products for active duty military families.


Discounts can vary but typically it is 20% off. Anybody can get this discount by visiting the ProFlowers Military Discount page. You can also visit their promotions page for additional discounts.


Profox Racing
Adrenaline junkies can get 10% discounts (plus free shipping within the US!) on regular-priced racing gear and accessories. This offer is available for Active Duty, veteran, reserve, Coast Guard, National Guard, retired and military families.


Rave Cinemas
Discounts for all military personnel with valid ID. Movie theaters are located in Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia.


Red Roof Inn
Active duty and retired military members receive 10% room rates. When booking online, use the VP+(R) code 604287.


REG Medical supplies 15% Off All November
15% off for past and present servicemembers plus law enforcement, firefighters and government employees. Honor system for proof of service, enter promo code MILITARY at checkout. REG Medical is the leading online medical supplies retailer.


Regent University
Get an online degree with very little to no expense. Active-duty military, reservists, and National Guard personnel may qualify for discounted tuition rates, which may usually be covered by military Tuition Assistance. Veterans and retirees may also qualify for discounted rates.


Royal Caribbean
Take advantage of special cruise rates available for military personnel and their family members. Eligible military members must be in the same stateroom in order for dependents to qualify for discounted rates. Discounts are subject to terms.


Ryan Homes
Ryan Homes gives military members access to the Heroes Welcome Home program which provides $1500 for extra home options or to put toward closing costs.


Saint Joseph’s University
Active duty and reserve military personnel and their spouses can get tuition fee discounts on graduate or undergraduate degree programs, along with other GI Bill educational benefits.


Sally Beauty Supply
Get a free Beauty Club membership card ($5 value) when you visit a Sally Beauty Supply store and present a valid US military ID. With the card fet special member pricing on non-sale items and 15% discounts on future purchases.


Sam’s Club
Active duty, retired military and civilian military employees and their spouses receive a $15 gift upon joining or renewing a Sam’s club membership.


Sandals Vacations
Military members receive 10% off the purchase of all-inclusive vacation packages from Sandals. The discount is on top of other promotions the company offers.


Scorpyd Crossbows
10% percent discount to all Active, Honorably Discharged and Retired military personnel. Scorpyd will also offer the discount to all active Law Enforcement Officers and all active Fire Department personnel. To receive the discount you will have to call Scorpyd directly and be able to present a valid document to prove that you are currently Active, Honorably Discharged or Retired from the military. Law Enforcement and Fire Department Personnel will have to present a Department Letter Head to receive the discount. This discount only applies to direct orders from Scorpyd Crossbows.


If you are a member of the U.S. Military with current active duty status or an inactive reservist, you may qualify for a $500 rebate towards the purchase or lease of a new Scion when financed or leased through a participating Scion dealer and Toyota Financial Services (TFS).
Whether you need your vehicle transported for military relocation or for personal use, you can get a $25 discount on car transportation fees.


15% off for all service men and women in uniform. Military, Fire, Police and EMT’s in uniform.


Showcase Cinemas
A military discount to all active duty personnel and their dependents. The special military program pricing is $7.00 for general admission, and $5.00 for matinee and children. Appropriate Active Service ID must be presented at the theatre box office to receive military discount. Movie theaters are located in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, New York and Rhode Island.


Sitter City
Members of the military receive free access to to help them find qualified childcare providers, housekeepers and other service providers in their area.
Ready to pop the big question and put a ring on it? Get 5% off on an engagement ring of your choice (maximum price of $10,000) by simply providing your US military email address.


Six Flags Amusement Parks
Six Flags parks offer military appreciation days where military members receive free admission. Days vary by park and season. Additionally, Tickets are available at discounted prices, varies by location, on military bases and installations through the MWR or ITT recreation offices. Quantities are unlimited with a valid military or DoD ID. Discounted tickets are NOT available at the parks.


Smith & Wesson
Get as much as $100 worth of rebates on purchased firearms. Active duty U.S. Military, Retired Military with retired Military Status, active National Guard Reservists and Disabled Veterans of all U.S. Military branches including U.S. Coast Guard may all qualified for these rebates upon fulfillment of other documentation requirements.


SOS Eyewear
Military members receive 25% off sunglasses in the SOS Eyewear Military or US Ranger lines by entering the code MIL25 at checkout.


Sports Clips
Active duty military and veterans receive special pricing on haircuts. Prices vary by location. Veterans also receive 10% off Sports Clips franchise fees.


Stanton Homes
Through the Stanton Homes for Heroes program, active duty military members and veterans receive 3% off the price of a new home. Some of the companies Stanton homes contracts with offer additional discounts during the homebuilding process.


Starwood Hotels
Active or retired military members and their families may take advantage of the special online rate, or free lessons in its music studio in Arkansas.


Stationary Xpress
20% discount on personalized stationery, embossed stationery, raised print stationery, raised-print stationery, invitations, announcements, stationery gifts, stationary. Use promo code “USA” for 20% savings with a minimum purchase of $39.95 and shipping to APO addresses.


Superior Nut
Use coupon code “military” for 10% discount.


Target Portraits
Present your Military ID at time of sitting, along with coupon to receive 50% off portrait collections, one free 8×10 and free sitting fees.


TBC Retail Group (Tire & Auto Centers)
Spend 10% less on tire and auto services at any of 1,300 Tire Kingdom, NTB-National Tire and Battery, Merchant’s Tire and Auto Centers and Big O Tires centers nationwide. Present a valid US military ID to enjoy these discounts.
Federal government and military personnel can get discounts and other perks on car rentals.


Military members receive a 10% discount in Torrid stores or by calling to place an order with a Torrid Personal Shopper.


Tough Mudder Events
$10 rebate off the participant registration price for active and veteran members of the military.


Active duty military and reserve members receive a $500 rebate on any new Toyota vehicle.


Trident University
Trident University’s Military Discount Program (MDP) covers regular military personnel, drilling and active duty reservists, retired military personnel and members of the National Guard. Military spouses may also qualify for discounts. Free Tutoring for Military Families
Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and National Guard and Reserve military families can receive free online tutoring. See website for details.


Under Armour Military Discount
Present a valid US military ID at any Under Armour store and get a 15% off on your purchase. Click Here for for the 15% discount.


United States Postal Service (USPS)
The Postal Service offers free Mili-Kits that contain all the supplies needed for shipping items to military members overseas.


USAA provides discounted auto, home and life insurance to military members and veterans. Since the insurance is only available to those who have served in the military, no additional military discounts are offered.


Veterans Advantage
Membership is under $5 a month and provides access to thousands of discounts including Continental & United airlines, Amtrak, Wendys, Footlocker, Dell, Greyhound, car rentals, Verizon and many other military discounts.


Submit a wish list for tickets. Vettix accepts tax deductible ticket donations from individuals and companies, then donates them to veterans for free through the Hero’s Wish program. Other discounts are available as well.


Verizon Wireless
Active-Duty military and all Federal Government employees can get 15% discount on monthly plans $35 and above and 25% off accessories.


Victory Motors
Special offers vary but typically all Active and Retired Police & Firefighter Personnel are eligible for a discount. See the special offers section.


Volkswagen Credit offers unique incentives, up to $800, to all military personnel who finance the purchase of a new vehicle with Volkswagen Credit.


Members of the Armed Forces may download a special coupon to receive $1,000 cash back when they purchase a new Victory bike.


Wedding Rings Depot
Military members receive 10% off the purchase of wedding rings by using the code MILITARY at checkout.


White Flash Engagement Ring Discount
Active-Duty Armed Forces members receive 1% off engagement rings or diamonds. Enter promotional code “Military Discount” at checkout. Note: The website asks to send proof of military ID. It is against the law to send a photocopy or reproduction of a military id.


Wilson’s Leather
Military personnel and their spouses get 10% off on clothes, accessories and other merchandise.


Yankee Candle
Military personnel and immediate family receive 10 percent discount. Present a valid form of military ID at checkout in retail and outlet stores. For online orders, military should email or fax a copy of their order confirmation to to receive the discount.


YMCA centers that participate in the Military Outreach Initiative offer free and discounted memberships and child care for military families.


Zales Diamond Store
Military members receive a 10% discount on any item that is not already discounted. In order to get the discount you must call Zales to have it applied.


Military members receive a 10% discount on fine jewelry by registering with a valid military e-mail and entering the code USMILDISC at checkout.



Remember to share this list of hidden veteran and military discounts with friends and family! Everyone knows someone who would benefit from this; now is your chance to thank them for their sacrifice and service.

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