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Tuesday, 18 September 2012 03:07

NAIDWfundingMe™ app

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iGive_App_for_Blog“NAIDWfundingMe™ application allows members to create their online donation projects in their member profiles, share it with friends and family through Facebook, Twitter and email, and begin collecting & raising money online and in real-time!”

The NAIDWfundingMe™ application is a powerful new “crowd funding” tool that enables our members to create fundraising projects; accept PayPal donations; and keep donors updated on the project’s progress directly from their profile page.

Whether our members need to raise money for medical bills, housing assistance, travel related expenses, bills, personal projects, causes, charities, business ventures, musical endeavors, school events or non-profit fundraisers, our NAIDWfundingMe™ plugin makes it possible for them to transform their profile page into a mini-fundraising site!

Crowd funding (sometimes called ‘crowd financing’, ‘crowd sourced capital’ or ‘micropatronage’) is a popular new way for members, patients, artists, bloggers, musicians, software developers, and activists to support themselves and their projects through online ‘crowd’ donations.

Our community members will LOVE being able to harness the power of the crowd to fund their projects—members can invite investors, family members, friends & fans alike over to the community to make donations to their campaigns/projects.

NAIDWfundingMe™ application lets our members...

  • Members can create & name their own unique fundraising projects
  • Set the project’s fundraising goals—which is displayed on their profile page ($50, $500, $5000, etc)
  • Display the total number of donors who have donated; display the names of donors and the amount of their donations (if they are logged in); how much has been received to date; and how much still needs to be raised before the user-defined goal is met
  • Members can set up their own “levels” of donations/rewards. For example, for a $25 donation, “Bob” will send each donor a signed thank you card. For a $50 donation, Bob will personally call them to thank them, etc. These “Give Back” rewards are prominently displayed on the user’s profile page and are all configurable on each user’s NAIDW profile page under Profile > Customize My Page > Crowd funded Project > Settings
  • Members can add their own PayPal address so that donations go directly to them
  • Members can post photos & videos to their NAIDWwall to keep patrons updated
  • Members can easily unpublish the app once their goal has been met

Get started NOW! It’s FAST and easy...

Go to your profile page and click on the “Customize My Page” tab and add our NAIDWfundingMe™ application along with other apps to make your community experience more enjoyable!

Search All Campaigns

Search Featured Campaigns

Create Campaign

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms NAIDW does not charge any fees or percentage of what you raise like other sites and platforms! Every donation goes directly to the user and members. Be sure to use our share buttons and email resources to share with family, friends and social media.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are currently getting assistance from SSI od SSDI this can effect your benefit status. NAIDW has given users to set limits to prevent any benefit interuption. Also read this article to understand more


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  • Comment Link nursej Friday, 19 September 2014 23:37 posted by nursej

    I need help getting a real dr to dx me rigjt get me the meds I need to remove this fluid n start my therapy my family their a joke since my sister has cancer had a dbl masectmy and having reconstructed this month shes done nothi g but drink party treat me like dirt because iam not one of the beautiful ones any more her cancer hasnt changed her life one bit but A little pain she wanted new boobs any way just not this way so I e been suffering for two yrs my mom went to one of my seven surguries visted twice shes been there for her every apt everything so I have no one I need money to.get a new dr and theraphy iam fused mid back down and in my neck the pain is unbearable n being a disabled vet all that does is get me some meds but no proper diagnosis. Nothing has changed I need a civilian dr.that is what I need money for I can't even get mental therapy.

  • Comment Link Anie Byrer Wednesday, 13 August 2014 02:31 posted by Anie Byrer

    Hi, My nane is Anie and I am the mother of three and grandmother if two and I have basically been a single mother and have worked very hard to maintain a home for my children and after being injured three times at no fault of my own I am now unable to support my home and have had to move in with my sister. Thank God I have had family to help! However, I did not know that it would take years to apply and try to receive approval for disability!
    Having no income makes it very hard to receive the medical helpI need for x-rays, medicine, DR Visits, Psychological help for my depression because I am unable to to the things I used to or enjoy the life I used to have enjoying my family , grandchildren, crafting and decorating! All of the things I used to do are a distant memory I cant even take my dogs for walks anymore and may have to find new homes for them ( they are rescues) because they are just sitting in the house all day! I feel so bad now for them!! I pray one day for healing and pray for my health back, but right now it seems so hopeless and it seems because their are no outward appearance of a disability no one seems to know or realize what I go through everyday and the real horrible pain I am in at all times! I was injured in the same places of my Hein my head neck left shoulder and back and also month of my knees and I just recently fell and I can hardly move or lift my right arm and its very hard typing this now and I do not have the money to go get an xray for my knees or now my right arm and shoulder! My sister works very hard and doesn't have any extra money and I hate and feel like such a burden to her when I need to go to the doctors so I can receive some type of relief from my anguish and pain and the pain pills really dont help and I pray one day to be able to stop taking them. I would love to be able to start eating better and try herbal remedies vitamins and spices and teas to help with my inflammation but that cost way more than the pain pills which are very expensive with not having insurance! I need money to be able to see my doctor and get my medicines also for my asthma and thyroid blood pressure and depression and trying to lose weight and get therapy for pain! I do not qualify for health insurance because I have no income I do not have a child under 18 I am not 65 only 54 or on disability so I am between a rock and a hard place! I have lost my car insurance and my car is in disrepair and I am about to lose this phone my only life line to my children and friends and the outside world I have all of my stuff in storage which is five months over due and the guy has been very nice snd is working with me but I know he wants his money! I am just adking for help until I go and see the judge for my hearing to get disability which back in March my attorney said would be probably this coming March 2015 and I will have a better chance since I will be 55! Whatever that means i guess I will be in more pain than I am now cause I'm 55 then?? This is very hard for me because I have always been very independent and a do it myself type of person so to not be able to do for myself and the things I used to love is very depressing!
    And asking for money even from family and especially from others is very humbling but I am very desperate and thank every single one in advance for everything!!

  • Comment Link michelle neiwerth Tuesday, 05 August 2014 23:50 posted by michelle neiwerth

    I what this I have epilepsy and I can't walk I need surgery on my left knee

  • Comment Link melanie Monday, 28 July 2014 17:00 posted by melanie

    this isnt working for me,im confused

  • Comment Link Gina M. Arbay Friday, 25 October 2013 17:10 posted by Gina M. Arbay


  • Comment Link Site Admin Sunday, 03 March 2013 18:57 posted by Site Admin

    Start collecting donations from members and visitors NOW!

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