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Website FAQ | NAIDW

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FAQ for Website Use

infoHave you had a question about using NAIDW's website and any of its features? Below, you will find answers to other user's questions. Also, feel free to submit a question of your own. We will do our best to answer it in a timely manner.

1. Do you recommend a certain web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, etc.)?

While has been tested and is functional on all major web browsers, it is optimized for use on Google Chrome. In our experience, Google Chrome offers the fastest web-browsing speed and functionality. To download, visit

2. The text on some of your pages or posts is too small for me to read. Is there any way for me to enlarge the text?

Absolutely. Most web browsers have the functionality to zoom-in. The easiest way to do so is by holding the “ctrl” key and pressing the “+” key to zoom in and the “-” key to zoom out. Alternatively, you can hold “ctrl” while scrolling your mouse wheel. Don’t forget that this tip will work on all websites, not just NAIDW’s!

3. How do I access and use the chatroom feature?

There are a few different ways to access the chatrooms. The easiest is to click “Chat” found on the user bar found at the very top of our website. From there, a new window will open with the available chatrooms. You can choose a chatroom to enter or create your own custom room.

For a step-by-step tutorial on accessing and using the chatroom click here

All Browser Compatible: Site Accessibility

Click here to visit our accessibility page. How to Tutorials

Click here to visit our tutorials page.

Resources for Accessibility


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